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Victory is mine, victory is mine

I have weaponized my cheerful disposition.

*cackles in mad triumph*

I'll explain later, but suffice it to say I drove H the Bitch clear up one side of the wall and down the other today and I didn't even do it on purpose.

Contract Lawyer is Manual Labor

I am not dead!

I am tired.

I am tired because I get up at five thirty so I can work out before I go to work. I am out of the house for twelve ours. Then I come home

This would not be so totally exhausting if I did not spend all day CARRYING HEAVY BOXES around.

But I do.

I am proud to report however that I am the ONLY GIRL who always carries her own boxes. Most of the other girls wheel their boxes around on their rolly chairs.

Also my hands are chafing from having to wash dirt from 1952 off my hands all the time

Oh, and I found a box of microfilm today. When I left they were still trying to figure out what the hell to do with it.

...or it could be discovery from a trial in the 1960's on something utterly stupid (I found a case box from a case from 1952 that was in Dutch. I have no idea what the hell it was a bout but it involved pictures of boats. I think it might have involved chartering a boat because it also included what appeared to be a fancy dinner menu. Maybe it's from that case. That would be amusing.)
...Or it could be naughty office party pictures.

Hard to say really. Thankfully not my problem to solve.

I am MUCH MUCH faster than most of the other doucment reviewers. This is because we are looking for fairly specific things and everything else was just a "just tell us what the fuck is in all these fucking boxes." I read the files enough to know what the case was and whether it's going to have anything on point. If it doesn't, if, perhaps, it is a case in Dutch that seems to be about chartering a boat, or it's about trade agreements with East Westernwhereverstan, I note what's specifically in the box--Deposition and exhibits from the October 2022 deposition of Doctor Rhinoplatsy!!!!--and then move on.

I make a lot of fine catches...don't get me wrong, I have a good eye for things that might be relevant (or so they told me). But when I know the case isn't going to be relevant--Doctor Tran from the Swimming Pool Design squad just sued because he feels he isn't being promoted because he is a small plastic purple dinosaur!--I go "oh,it's the Purple Dinosaur Guy Case", I slap the brief write up of "purple dinosaur guy case" I made up when I first found that case on top of the paper, I note the box is full of discovery and what appears to be a child's Strawberry Shortcake coloring book--and I go on to the next box.

That's what we were told to do but it's not what a lot of people are doing. I'll spend an hour on a box if I can't tell what's in it, or if it seems promising, but if it's "oh, the purple dinosaur case" I don't waste my time.

Half of me is afraid most of the others are more thorough than me, but I'm also pretty sure some of htem are dragging their feet because we were told six weeks, which is now three weeks, which we probably won't hit. I understand that. I just can't make myself not do my best because I want more money.

Kind of sad. BUt I don't think that it's that I'm not careful enough. I raised this as a delicate concern with the supervising attorneys--in a "I just want to make sure what I'm giving you is sufficient" and got a "hell, no, you're fine. Keep going." So it goes.

But hey. I GET TO GO TO SAN DIEGO WITH ONE ON MY FAVORITE PEOPLE and I do believe we will be Launching a Blond Assault on Mexico, so it could be worse.

Something Positive

Spring is not my favorite time of year, because I have seasonal allergies (though they haven't been so bad this year). But I do like to see the trees flower, and New Jersey has a LOT more flowering trees than New Hampshire does.

They're not native, mostly--they're ornamental, selected because they're pretty and they grow fast--but I still enjoy seeing them.

Today on my way back from Trader Joe's I saw a beautiful dark purple Eastern Redbud highlighted against the sunset. I wish I'd had a camera--or that I'd thought to use the one in my iPod. It was lovely. I stopped and stared at it for a few minutes.

Warren Jeffs Convicted

Warren Jeffs Convicted in Utah

Alicia's cousin Brian finally has something to say besides "No Comment"

(Brian Filter, one of the prosecutors in this case, is my mother's only cousin on her father's side--he's my great-uncle Gus's son. He's lost a LOT of weight since I lost saw him)

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